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Akamai Shop Self ordering system for Restaurant, Retail and More!

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How will Akamai Shop Self Ordering System Help Me ?
Features of Self-Ordering System
Zero waiting Time

Customers do not need to wait and can instead quickly order on own

Order Notification

Instantly notify customers via Text when order is ready.

Remote Printing

Send orders straight to your kitchen printer for preparation.

Digital Menu

Easily put your digital menu on the screen to showcase offerings

Flexible Payments

Accept all major credit cards with option to accept Cash and Check

Secure Checkout

Akamai Shop has partnered with leading payment providers to provide secure customer self checkout

  • Large Touchscreen
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Easily accommodate hardware changes
  • Many optional add-on and components
  • Receipt printer
  • Bio-metric Reader
  • Proximity Reader
  • Pin-pad
  • IP camera

Kiosk helps reduce long line at counter, able to let counter save their favorite orders and offer easy customization and more.

No matter where your Kiosk located, the sturdy construction stands up to prying, drilling, and other forms of physical attack.

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