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Akamai shop restaurant edition

manage your restaurant like a pro

Akamai Shop offers systems for Restaurants including Table Service, Bar, Take Out, Delivery and Catering

Table Management

See status of tables. get notification when an empty table that need to be bussed.

Kitchen Printer

Seamless connect front and back of house. order straight to kitchen with no delay.

Kitchen display

Send orders automatically to kitchen display monitor.

Split Payments

Ability to allow bills to be pay by multiple customers and multiple payments.

Split Checks

Split 1 Check into multiple separate checks.

Combine Checks

Select multiple checks and combine them together.


Record tips amount in real-time. Automatically calculate tips % based on position.

Mobile Ordering

Let your Customers order anytime anywhere.

Time clock

Employee can always check their working hours easily and accurate payroll.

Move Items

Easily move items from one check to another.

Transfer Checks

Reassign checks to different tables and servers.

Void Items

Void ordered items with option to send to kitchen.


Various discount options with security.

Customer Tracking

Assign customer to order with automatic discounts and other options.


Each function can be security restricted to manager.

Points Program

Customer may earn points based on purchase.

Gift Card System

Sell, Redeem and Reload your own branded gift cards.

Pay Out

Manager may take cash out of system to pay suppliers, buy supplies, etc.

Self Ordering

Customer may order right from table and or phone with automatic printing.

Bar Tabs

Easily add items to order and put on tab with optional credit card verification.

On Account

Take payment as on account and invoice customer label.

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